We all have a little entity inside of us that tells us how to behave, where to go, which path to follow. For some of us it's the conscience, the it, the "I" ... whatever. Perhaps it's an imp, a little fairy or a muse, who with a wave of the hand helps us to discover and interpret the world.

And we manifest it through our words, our gestures, our clothes. Because even though we don't want to or don't know it, we are expressing ourselves. And we are vulnerable: to the weather, to globalization, to climate change, to fashion... We are touched by the magic wand and we change. But we don't change everything, or we don't do it all at once. We wouldn't be able to stand it. Because there is something inside us that is always there to guide us. Our essence? Our soul? Our inner child? There is something to which we are always faithful.

And perhaps, if our feet are the foundation of our physical being, our shoes would be the foundation of our self. And therefore they would have the power to end any discourse we carry forward.

Our products are intended for those who, like we do, consider shoes to be expressionist communicators.

They are shoes faithful to that interior essence that guides us in life. Based on the game, on versatility, on investigation, on participation, on creativity, and on simple originality.

Because shoes have the final say.