Galú is a young enterprise in the garments design field. We specialise in footwear and aim at developing design-innovating products.

Based in Uruguay, Galú is carried on by a team of textile, fashion, and industrial designers who offer an optimum combination of knowledge and creative skills. All our designers are committed to the creation of new fashion products.

Galú offers ladies' footwear developed in accordance with design methodology which incorporates strong concept contents. The brand proposes innovative collections based on creativity, with high emphasis in design, versatility and comfort. They are also differentiated by a careful attention to details and their almost uniqueness, as they are produced through traditional techniques. Made with noble materials such as leather and wool, they provide feet with a recreational character through different playful resources. In doing so, we follow the tendencies but keep from the capricious fashion, this is why our products remain fashionable throughout time.